Dedicated to Friends, Past and Present

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Welcome to Southern.

First, lets talk about the sites new design and how you can easily locate information on the drop down menu.

The menu is divided into nine main levels: Home, Directory, News & Events, Photo Gallery, Memory Lane, Obituaries, History, Links and Contact Info.

The Home level page contains editorial, coming events or other comments and interests about new information on the site. Move your mouse over one of the rotating pictures if you want to look at it for a longer period of time. Move your mouse off the picture to continue the rotation. Rotation stops after one cycle. Refresh your browser to cause the banner to cycle.

The Directory level has sub-levels before you get to a page. The sub_levels are: Employees, Family & Friends, Memoriam, Missing and Lost. The Employee level has sub-levels: A - I, J - R, S - Z, defining the first letter of the last name. To locate Lillian Allen you would pass your mouse over the Directory, Employee, A - I, and then click on the letter A. The Employee page, Abbott to Ayers will display. The Family & Friends page lists people who were not employees but are associated with Southern. The Memoriam page is a list of those that have died. The Missing page is a list of people that a mailing, email or phone contact has bounced. Lost level is a list of people that have never been contacted. Lost also has identical drop down sub-levels described for Employees.

The News & Events level directs you to a page containing information of interest to the Southern family.

The Photo Gallery level page contains links to pages for Reunions, Retired Pilots, Memphis, First Monday, Last Tuesday, Management Seminars and Miscellanenous. Most of these groups were previously linked to from the old home page.

The Memory Lane level has the folowing sub-levels: Personal Stories page (stories about Southern), Goodtimes & Goodbyes page (retirement articles), Southernaire page (lists Southernaires 1950 - 1968), Southern TV Commercials level has three sublevels for First Class & Peasants (click to view one of the ads. They are very funny). Southern Music level has five sub-levels: Sound of Southern, Southern M404, Those Aeroplanes, Going Your Way level(has six sub_level music choices), Southern No Central to Republic level (has five sub-level music choices). Atlanta level has two sub-levels: Airport and Downtown (click for pictures).

The Obituaries level page provides obituary details of those who have died.

The History level page displays pictures and information about Southern Airways.

The Links level page lists web sites that are of interest to the Southern family.

The Contact Info level page details on how to contact me (Lillian) or send information to be included on the web site.

We hope you enjoy the new design and catching up on friends, their stories and pictures. Please send us your story and pictures. Check out the new pages and let us know what you think.


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