Dedicated to Friends, Past and Present

Julia Tuttle, boarding her first flight 
from BTR to MEM in August of 1955.

60th Reunion Flyer

Al Brandon & Roberta ?

Julia Tuttle's First Flight certificate, 
​signed by Bill Feagan and Walter Wright

Left to Right: Leon Foster, ?, Johnny ?, Katherine Crosby, Cuz alexander, Gary Crosby, ?, ?, ?

Grab Bag

Frank ?, Janet ? & Lillian Allen

Paul Bradford's 5th Birthday at LUL

Ground Services Budget Meeting (Circa 1978) L to R:  Theresa Newby, Bill Ripley, Henry LaBorde, Shirley Bolling, Owen McRee, Leon Foster, Chuck Tippitt, R. A. "Rat" Terry

White Elephant Christmas Party (Circa 1978)
Standing L to R:  Henry LaBorde, John Beiser, Owen McRee, Bert Weeks
Seated playing piano:  Janice Russell (Wife of J. R. Russell)