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Down Memory Lane

Keith Mock, RC- NWA - Flight Attendant - DTW (on the right)and David Stringer, Southern-Republic-Northwest Flight Attendant - SFO, on the aft stairs of  Martin 404, N145S. The picture was taken on a trip to Kansas City, MO when Keith visited the Airline History Museum.  David said that N144S had many memories for him.  Click here to view pictures of the N145S.

Jim Robinson and former movie pilot, Ike Burchinal next to N255S, a Martin 404, flown for many years by Southern Airways. (click here for Jim's story)  Have a picture for Memory Lane? Will consider all for future publication. Click here for more about vintage aircraft.

US AIR 1549, the crash and rescue.

Associated Press, Using old DC9s pays off for Northwest.

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Nancy Wells
Captain Steve Pusey
Captain Tony Sanson
Captain Bill Rogerson

Gloria McCullar

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Management Seminars

Reunion - May 14, 1988

First Flight Reunion - June 13, 2009

ATL Lunch, First Monday lunches

MEM Lunch - February 2009

Tuesday Lunch - 2007

Pilots Reunions. Class of November 1972

Retired Pilots' Lunch

   ATL Feb 2005     ATL May 2005

   ATL Aug 2006    
ATL Nov 2007

   ATL Feb 2008     ATL Feb 2009

   ATL May 2009   
ATL Dec 2009

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